Resources for Teaching Adult Immigrants

On this page you can find links to program descriptions, curriculums, lesson plans and materials that I've developed through teaching ESL to adult immigrants in community-based settings. These resources were created for beginner, intermediate and multilevel ESL contexts and target learners with limited formal education.

Thematic lessons
I developed these lessons for my students in ESL adult school programs. Some of the lessons were specifically written for classes composed primarily of women and/or Latinos. But most of the lessons are appropriate for immigrant adults of all genders, cultures and languages.

ESL for leadership
In partnership with Mujeres Unidas y Activias and The Woman's Building, 2 community-based organizations that support women leadership and participation, I developed an ESL program and curriculum that integrates leadership development for an ESL class that served Latinos, most of them women. Program description, curriculum, lessons and sample materials are all included.

Using student stories
I provide a rationale, examples and strategies for incorporating students stories and voices into the materials, curriculum and classroom.

ESL curriculum that supports parent engagement through critical thinking
Based on my work at the time teaching ESL to parents in a family literacy program (CBET) and written as part of my Masters studies, this curriculum introduces a critical approach to teaching ESL in a family literacy program with defined critical thinking objectives. I argue that traditional ESL functional competencies do not go far enough in fully preparing parents to be truly “involved” in their child’s schools and education. Instead true engagement with the school district, schools, teachers, and learning of a child requires critical thinking skills such as problem posing and solving, critical reflection, and the ability to question assumptions. In this curriculum I present a rationale and define a needs analysis, objectives, syllabus with sample lesson plans, assessments and other materials.